About Last Weekend | Jazz Night at The High


Hey Freaknasties, it's Monday! Already regretting your decision to get out of bed and adult today? 

I sure do...too much fun this weekend and it's #BostonWeek.

Kill me. 

This past weekend, I decided to not wear holey sweatpants and die a Netflix shut-ins death, and went out into the world! Yes! These things occasionally happen! Who knew? 

Friday night we hit up the High Museum of Art in Atlanta for Friday Night Jazz, which is a fun offering that happens on the third Friday of every month. You get all gussied up and listen to the Jazz and sip some wine while discussing all of the fine art on display. 

Well, unless you're Louis and I...then none of that happens...

So the Jazz was good, it was groovy and tap, tap, tappy, and apparently I thought the drummer was super cute (I swear I will never learn when it comes to jazz drummers) and a glass of merlot made me declare this loudly, which in turn, made everyone rubberneck like, "Who let the sad cat lady out?! We have rules!" 

I don't get out much. It's abundantly clear. 

Louis went ahead and decided I needed another glass of wine, and of course, I didn't say 'no', and we headed up to go look at some art. Naturally, we being the pillars of class and high society we are, we immediately began to admire the nipples on the sculptures. Sure there's a Monet 7ft away, but OMG THESE NIPPLES. 

Also of note, if you give me wine in a museum, it makes me want to touch exhibits. There was a statue that was literally my foot twin, and this caused me to shriek, "OH MY GAAAAHHHDDDD LOUIS, THERE IS MY FOOT TWIN I HAVE TO TOUCH IT." 

When you touch things in museums, you then get a big security guard who basically follows you around and lurks around corners so he can yell, "Ma'am!" each time your hand leaves your side. Total buzzkill. 

My bumpkin behavior aside, this is such a fun event and a good reason to get pretty and pretend you have a life that exists outside of talking to your dogs. 

On to Music Midtown!

Perfect day for ill fitting cut off shorts!

Saturday and Sunday was Atlanta's fall music festival staple, Music Midtown. This year had the likes of Leon Bridges, Beck, Group Love, The Killers, Corinne Bailey Rae, and a ton more I'm too lazy to type out. I'd love to sit here and give a super journalistieishy review of the music, but it sucked so bad, my friend Karrie and I bounced three songs into Leon Bridges. 


It was just soooo...I don't know...young? I know that sounds ageist and 'get off my lawn!' but that's how we felt! There was literally nothing to do but watch 20-year-olds prance around like it was Coachella with their high waisted booty cheek, omgwhyareyoudressedlikethat, festival outfits they totally got from Gigi Hadid's Pinterest page. I mean it was entertaining for a minute to sit there and hate on them like you weren't a complete disaster 20 years ago at Lilith Fair, but after a while it was just NO. 

Not many vendors, only one food outpost, beers were $755 apiece, and since you could only bring a small blanket to lay out on the grass, you had to navigate assholes in Bermuda shorts standing with their asses in your face. 

So we peaced out and went on a food/drinking tour instead. Way better. 

Day 2 was pretty much rained out for anyone under the age of 22, so we again just ate and drank our faces off...

I will give Karrie and I props...we were so exhausting in our uber back with our sick knowledge of 90's hip-hop our driver actually told us he was calling it a night after he dropped us off. We made him tired. 

So good weekend! I'll probably be fully recovered by Thurday, but good! 


Jennifer Gulbrandsen