In This Life | The Purge

If you listened to this week's episode of the podcast, you heard me talk about this new docu-journey I've decided to do called, In This LIfe. It's basically me chronicling my life and how I navigate the world rebuilding after a couple of tough years of figuring things out and having some major self-discovery. A lot of online content is glossy, curated, scripted, and not documenting real life anymore.

In reality, even the most charmed life has its victories and its struggles. We're all human. I don't always wear makeup, I have good days and bad, I freak out and have meltdowns, I celebrate with my friends, I work hard, and just wanted to explore new ways of storytelling. 

The series will post every Monday on YouTube. I really hope you enjoy it. It'll be cool to see how this new year unfolds. 



Jennifer Gulbrandsen