Real Talk | So I Decided to Eat Shit For the Next 24 Months...

Since I'm on my lunch break at Starbucks, I felt that today's article was an appropriate one to write. You know...working through lunch... living the dream...

Lol/jk...the dream isn't even a thing yet. I have to eat shit for two years first. 

You heard me. Eat. Shit. 

If you've been following me since the fall, you know I've been on a journey of sorts that led me to the wakeup call that it's time for me to be brave and get what I want out of this life. This process took a lot of soul searching, honesty, belief in myself, and willingness to work...HARD. I have never made a long term plan for myself before the start of 2017, so I have a lot of time to make up for...I'm young, but I'm not that young. 

Part of what I want for myself is to grow my brand, including this website. I talk about this a bit on In This Life this week, but I have a very clear vision for what I want my business and creative space to look like over the next three years. It's taken me almost ten to come up with what it is I really want, and I finally have that clear vision after many stops and starts. 

The only way for me to get there is through tremendously hard work. 

No one is going to hand it to me. 

It's not just going to fall in my lap. 

I don't mean working a 9-5 and fiddling around with writing this blog and my boutique business on the weekends. I could do that, and probably do it quite well, but it won't get me where I want to be in two years. If I want to be in a specific place in 2-3 years I have to literally give up my free time and eat shit while investing in myself. 

I wish I could take credit for this, but I have to give all the credit to Gary Vaynerchuk who inspired all of this in me last March, only now I'm listening

I got the 9-5. I didn't chase the money, I went for the position where I could get the most knowledge and grow in my digital media career. The team knows about Brand Media and where I want to go with it, and how I want to grow YMOJ into a truly well rounded lifestyle brand for real people, and the also know I really want to spend the next two years working with them and being a sponge. 

I'm going to spend my lunches and nights cranking out content and growing my little corner of the internet while I maintain writing gigs with a local lifestyle magazine and hospital to keep my technical skills up. On the weekends I took a part-time job at a boutique. Yeah, you counted that right. I now have five jobs. 

Why? Why would I do that to myself when the 9-5 will pay the bills? 

I'm hungry. 

I want to be the captain of my ship. 

Eat shit for two years while growing my brand and my business? Then before I'm 40 I can say I am the complete master of my universe. Debt free, investing, and making a great living doing what I love. 

Burnout? Nope. You can't burnout when your eye is on the prize. It's not like I'm doing things that piss me off all day. I spend 40 hours a week doing what I love, my lunches and evenings doing what I love, and I get to play with clothes and make girlfriends on the weekends. 

I had a lot of free time last year. It wasn't that great. I wasted a lot of money and time. I've forgiven myself for it and learned a lesson. 

I never want to be idle again. 

I want to sacrifice now and build something. I'll do my own nails on Sunday nights and eat sandwiches at my desk to save money. I like sandwiches. Had I invested the money I spent eating at restaurants into Facebook ads for this site and my business or simply stayed home and worked on a manuscript, I'd be halfway there by now. 

Everything happens the way it's supposed to, but I can't shake the feeling that I missed a huge opportunity. There's plenty of time to have fun. It hit me on the way in to work yesterday that I am starting the college search with my kids in three short years. I want to be in a place where I can say to them, "Go wherever you want to find your passion." 

So here we go. I've committed to trading in leisure and nice things for a couple of years in order to be in the driver's seat permanently. It's one of the most exciting feelings in the world. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen