Randomness | 10 Things You May Not Know About Me

Welp, since the podcast I recorded last night totally crapped out halfway through, I get to rerecord it tonight which leaves me with a gap in my posting schedule, so I'm going to do a throwback to the blogs of yore and do a fun lil meme post. 

So here's 10 things you may not already know about me, even though I pretty much blather the details of my life all day errryday: 

1.  I can't write the number 8

I have a lot of trouble with spacial and directional awareness. Part of it is because when I was a little kid, the entire world decided my left handedness was a handicap and I was forced to write with my right hand and jump/spin in skating counterclockwise. It did something to my brain, and as a result using a steering wheel when a car is in reverse is lost on me and I can't write the number 8. I have to use two circles. 

2. I hate fruit. Hate. 

I will eat fruit blended in something and the occasional green apple. Fruit by itself makes me gag and I hate it, infinity. 

3. I am a table tennis phenom

 I have no idea why I'm so good at ping-pong, but I'm like Forrest Gump without ever practicing. I just show up and dominate. 

4. I'm terrified of birds

I have no idea why I have this fear, but I will not enter a room if there's a bird in it, and just thinking about birds gives me anxiety. I can only deal with them if a window separates us. 

5. I'm ridiculously superstitious

I'm a nutcase. I won't split a pole, pass a cemetery without holding my breath, cross myself and knock on wood...you name it, I am fully practicing it at all times. When the Cubs lost a game in the World Series, I didn't watch another game in my house after that because I considered it cursed. 

6. I have perfect pitch

Yeppers. But I also have debilitating stage fright, sooooo it's useless. 

7. I wrote horror stories when I was a kid

I hate scary movies and books, but when I was a kid and figured out that I loved writing, I wrote pretty terrifying and dark horror stories. 

8. I went to nursing school

I was a CNA and I went to nursing school, but I dropped out after a round of clinicals after a stroke patient with dementia pinned me in a bathroom trying to get fresh with me. Mad respect for nurses, but it just wasn't my thing. 

9. I have a physical aversion to the smell of Root Beer

I can't be in the room if someone is drinking root beer. The smell makes me gag. And it never fails, I'll tell someone who doesn't believe me that I can't be around the stuff, and they're convinced it's just because I haven't had the perfect root beer float yet, so they shove one in my face and I puke on their shoes. Last year, Louis left root beer in my refrigerator, and when I moved I had to have someone else throw it away because I wouldn't touch it. 

10. I can't throw a frisbee

This one frustrated my father to no end, because he was an avid disc golf player, and I couldn't play because whenever I throw a frisbee, it hooks around in a circle like a boomerang. No matter what technique I try, that thing comes back like a bad boyfriend carrying a grudge. Related, I am also terrified of catching frisbees. 

There you have it, further proof I'm a walking, talking nightmare of a person. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen