TGIF! | Full Moons, Eclipses, and Good Juju in the Air

A picture of feet since I was too busy/lazy to make a graphic. 

A picture of feet since I was too busy/lazy to make a graphic. 

Happy Friday! We made it another week, Freaknasties! 

So today is sort of a weird day, we are heading into eclipse season with the first one being a lunar eclipse during a full moon in Leo, while there's a comet in the sky. 

Just lock your doors at sundown and start drinking, trust me on this one. 

I'm kidding, this is actually a good thing. 

If you're not an astrology nerd like me, let me tell you what this means. Eclipses typically mean the ending of something, the discovery of something else, and you can feel the effects of this for six weeks before and after the actual event. 

Doing the math, if you were sensing some stuff shifting in your life around Christmas, this is the end of whatever that was, you're gonna discover the lesson in all of that, and start a new chapter. For me, personally, this makes a lot of things come together and blow my mind a bit since Christmas 2016 was so pivotal for me, with the resurrection of feelings over something I hadn't properly addressed in the last couple of weeks... dealing with that once and for all, and looking ahead to fine-tuning the plans I made for myself at the beginning of the year. 

You late Geminis and early Cancers are right there with me. We haven't been in this space in eight years. Our financial and value sector is about to have a revolution. If you're like me, and exes are crawling out of the woodwork like soul sucking termites; it's because you need to reaffirm your values and never lose sight of them again. Venus goes into retrograde soon, and then there's a solar eclipse on the 28th, so get your shit together guys. Reinvention is complete this weekend. 

For the rest of you non Cancerians who don't inhabit my solar house, an eclipse in Leo is very dynamic. It's about breakthroughs, baby. Something out of the blue is going to happen and destiny will reveal itself. This is actually a good juju event. Great energy is in the air, so be open to something potentially life changing happening. Here's a cool horoscope round up for ya

Comet 45-p crosses the sky, too and well...nothing major happens with that. Comets represent freedom, because ancient Greeks were literal like that, and it just helps with all that good energy. 

Maybe Trump will drop his phone in the toilet or something. Fingers crossed. 

As for me, no crazy plans this weekend. After last weekend's whirlwind, I'm ready to hunker down at home and get some work done because the whirlwind returns next week. I'm strangely excited about a bottle of Merlot in my kitchen and watching Dateline tonight. It's almost as exciting as my Valentine's Day plans of eating cheesecake and watching Bridget Jones's Diary with Louis. 

Is that sad? Am I living a sad life? Because, typing it made me smile and squeal, "Heaven!" 

Compared to last year's total shitshow... I'm marking this in the 'win' column. 

Tonight I'll be doing my first ever Instagram live chat at 7pm ET. You can find me (@yourmomentofjenn) and I will be having a drink and talking shit for a while. I expect exactly three people to watch and that's ok! We will have fun anyway. If you don't do The Gram, no worries, I'll be on Facebook Live and Periscope over the weekend. 

Have a good weekend, everyone! I'll be playing catch up on some posts I missed all weekend so see ya 'round! 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen