Real Talk | Hello There, March!

Happy March, mes amies! It's a new month, the days are getting longer, and our winter doldrums are lifting. I know I've been a little scarcer than usual these last couple of weeks, but I'm not going to sugar coat it or act like I was OMGSOBUSY and everything was fantastic, because it wasn't. 

February kind of sucked? Anyone with me on this? 

Nothing spectacular happened, a few soul crushing valleys with some amazing peaks as life sometimes likes to throw our way, but I think as a whole, February blows because we're all fired up in the beginning of January to change our lives, then January ends up being the world's longest month, and then there's February just sitting there like, "Welp, here's shitty weather, a little tease of spring, a lunar and solar eclipse, and you have to deal with all of those Pisces weirdos." 

Lol/jk, I am a Pisces ascendant, so I'm basically speaking for myself. 

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Anyway... Adios, February! Ya dumb cow.

A lot of the reason why I've been holding back a bit around here is because all of the new initiatives for this site start today, and I have to work with sponsor calendars and editorials, and blah, blah, blah, no1currrr. Basically, I'm going to be back on my regular posting schedule now and you're going to be like, "We are so tired of this basic bitch. Get a life, already!" 

I'm one step ahead of you. A spin bike is coming to my house on Friday. Pierre Le Treadmille is about to have competition. Jacque Le Bike. And you know what that means...

I AM GOING TO POST ABOUT SPINNING. And you're all going to roll your eyes and pretend it's riveting and interesting!

I wish I had glamorous and exciting news to share with you about my life. I really only work and workout. Again, February. I'm still doing the Chicago boogie twice a month, vow of celibacy is still intact, although we're creeping up on the four month point, and I'm getting as thirsty as a bitch eating crackers in the Sahara. Louis may need to put a shock collar on me for there have been some VERY close calls. And while my life is pretty boring and mundane, I do have a lot of new content to share with you, so be sure to tune in to the podcast and check back here often. 

Lent also started today. Where my Catholics at? Who's whining about what they gave up on Facebook? Stop it. You giving up wine is not THE STRUGGLE. I totally believe in what Pope Francis has said about practicing a giving/sacrifice approach to Lent. I struggle a bit with Lent as a practice, because though I love me some Skydaddy and J-man, I've had enough theology and history to know why Lent was started by the Church. As with all early Church law, it had more to do with feeding the Cardinals, and keeping the poor from murdering the rich by virtue of the fear of God. As Tater pointed out at the age of six, Lent isn't in the bible so it can't be a thing

Oh my sweet, literal, Lutheran child. 

But for me it is a thing. I do believe we can sacrifice something for 40 days as a means of humbling us and give something back to the world or ourselves even; to make it a better place. I love the idea of using this time for deep introspection and reflection, because that's what Jesus did when he went into the desert. He was figuring shit out. 

That's my Lent commitment this year: stay disciplined and figure shit out. No drunkenness, laziness, gluttony, self hatred, gossiping, procrastinating...and keep looking within to figure shit out. 

Betcha didn't think you'd come here for a bible lesson, huh. See? First time for everything. 

It's on my mind today, because I have ashes on my head, and after an emotionally rough couple of weeks, and a couple of hard days for me ahead with the anniversary of Lisa's death and her birthday a couple of days later, I literally asked the universe for a sign. Am I on the right path? Have I made the right choices? 

Then something ridiculously lucky happened and I had my answer. 

March is definitely coming in like a lion, that's for sure. Let's tame him and have a great month ahead! 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen