It's Tuesday and Everything is Terrible

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Hello there my lovely little poppets! This week on the podcast, I decided to go back to more of a 'day in the life' format over here, because with as busy as I've been this year, the idea of sitting down and organizing my thoughts into a cohesive article about a certain subject overwhelms me, so I'm thinking maybe just a little 'dear diary' stream of consciousness might help get some momentum back around here, goodness knows I can use it. 

So it's Tuesday and everything is terrible. Our country is imploding, hurricanes are firing up in the ocean like they need to be heard or something, and everything is just blahhhhhh. I have a terrible case of the whatevers I am really trying to shake off by the time the sun goes down today. So far, halfway through my day, I have had the blessed return of both Gio and Louis who spent the holiday weekend out of town, I made friends with the hockey director at the rink, and maybe things are on the upswing? 

Then I burned my mouth on a freaking Lean Cuisine ravioli and everything went back to being terrible again. 

Oh and my knee hurts. 

Oh AND I have to go to the gym after the office to lift weights and get stronger because my body wants to act like it's a broken sack of protoplasm. Not today, Satan. There isn't time. 

It's just a meh day after a meh weekend and I'm going to be overdramatic about it, okay? On a day I want to lay in bed and feel sorry for myself, I had to get up at 3am to watch the World Roller Games in China, do meetings about meetings this morning, go skate, come back and do more meetings about meetings, then I get to go to the gym and go home where I will do more work before slipping into a melatonin induced coma so I can do it again tomorrow. 

I know, welcome to life, Jenn. Like I said, I just want to be overdramatic and whine about it, ok? 

It's not even about me, it's about the current events of the world that has me all, 'what is the point?' about everything. This whole DACA repeal has me quite upset, because it hits close to home for me right now and I'm just defeated and sad about it. I have two friends I have made here in Georgia who are Dreamers, and they are just the sweetest, hard working, driven people I have ever met, and the thought of them losing everything because our President wants to make his base happy by tricking them into thinking that deporting the brown people will somehow get their jobs in the steel mills back; It's demoralizing and makes everything else in this world feel stupid. 

Then there's a hurricane about to obliterate Puerto Rico on the way to Godzilla-ing Florida and another tropical storm fired up behind it, so I basically just feel like throwing my hands in the air, opening a bottle of wine, and waiting for the seven horsemen to make their debut. 

But no, I'm gonna head into this meeting and then go to the gym later... because I'm either a masochist or an optimist, and I'm gonna fake being an optimist today. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen