YMOJ Special Podcast Series | Second Skate Part 1


Today is the day I have decided to post the first installment of my special podcast series, #SecondSkate. I am not going to promote it or announce it beyond here on the site or as it appears on podcast streams, because this isn't about business, or anything besides me intimately sharing my own personal journey through abuse and surviving trauma with you hoping it will be valuable to you on a personal level, or help you better understand how to react to decisions survivors make beyond the kneejerk, "How can she be so DUMB!" 

Abuse is complex, nuanced, and takes hold of you even when you 'know better'. I'm sharing this series because I want to speak frankly about the secrets some of us keep out of shame or people judging us over the 'real' truth about ourselves. This also isn't a podcast where I declare I have figured everything out and I'm JUST FINE NOW YOU GUYS. No way, this is a podcast about how my life changed once I was brave enough to admit the truth of my past to myself, and then do the brutal work of facing it, and getting past it. It's not pretty. 

Please don't listen to this if talking about abuse will trigger you into an unhealthy space or around people who will be sensitive to hearing this story. 

A lot of these things I am saying publicly for the first time, and it's terrifying, but there's nothing for anyone who has been abused to be ashamed of, because no matter what you may 'do' to another person, no one ever has the right to hurt you. Ever. 

You can listen to the episode here.

Jennifer Gulbrandsen