YMOJ Special Podcast | Second Skate Part 2


So I've just posted the second installment of Second Skate, and it was important to put it out right away as to not lose momentum after the first episode, even though it led to some mentally and emotionally exhausting events when my ex-husband decided to lose his mind over it. 

Anyway, I know these episodes are long and tedious, but I feel like it's important to perhaps ramble on a bit so I don't feel like I've left anything out or made anything neat and tidy for brevity's sake. Again, this series isn't "How to produce a famous and popular podcast," this is basically just me telling my story and how the last six months came to be. There's a lot of life, emotions, and history to unpack, and a lot of it is the first time more than 4 people have every heard about it. 

This episode doesn't get as graphic with abuse as the last, because during this time in my life, the physical abuse lessened. Life deteriorated and became more stressful and chaotic, which turned to self harm for me as a way to cope. I began to turn to eating disorders and compulsive behaviors as a means to have some semblance of control in a world spinning off its axis around me. So if eating disorders are a triggering thing for you to listen to, please hold off on listening to this podcast until you're ready. 

Thank you to all of you who have listened and offered great feedback whether it be encouraging or critical. All is appreciated, and I am always willing to answer questions and have a dialogue with anyone about anything. 

You can listen to the latest episode wherever podcasts are broadcast or here from your PC. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen