Sometimes Life Makes Sense and You Learn the Secret to Great Iced Tea


Happy Humper, Freaknasties. I find myself here on the blog, somewhat spontaneously blogging  with more energy at the end of the day than I'm used to, which has me pleasantly surprised! Could I possibly be adjusting to my new schedule? I think so! Actually, my schedule is about to change tomorrow, as I switch my workouts to the early morning rather than after a day of traveling, so I am fresh and less likely to get injured. This way, having some writing to do after a long day on the road won't seem so daunting. It's very hard to juggle being on the road so much, working out everyday, and finishing the work that didn't get done during the day before bed, and I'm trying my best to find balance and a schedule that works best for me. I'm more of a morning person anyway, so early morning workouts will probably suit me a lot better than slogging to the gym exhausted every night. Fingers crossed. 

In happy news, today is a special anniversary for me... it's the anniversary of me learning the secret to great iced tea. Once upon a time, a handsome man asked me, "Do you know the secret to great iced tea?" 

I stood there blinking, waiting for some huge revelation like a secret spice or something, "No, what is it?" 


And Louis and I were best friends happily ever after. 

Today was another day on the road of endless miles for me, which gives me a lot of time to reflect and think about things. I've been thinking a lot about the last five years as I get ready to move back to Chicago, and I'm processing the relationships that have endured and sustained this journey, and the ones that have not. Louis and I have a relationship that has not only survived, but has grown to become stronger than I ever thought it could be. 

When Lisa died, it left a huge hole in my heart. I have no problem making friends, but I have a problem bonding with and trusting people. She was the first person who connected with me on every level, made it safe to be raw and honest, and had no problem holding me accountable. When I screwed up, she let me know, but she never left my side. There was a period of time in my life I thought I had screwed up so badly the whole world hated me, and she wrote me letters almost every single day to remind me at least one person loved me in the world unconditionally. We too bonded over something innocuous, and the non-judgmental ease of our friendship was why it was so rock solid. 

I didn't think I'd find a friendship like that again, but then along came Louis. He and Lisa share a lot of similar qualities, and I quickly felt very safe with him. He has my back, tells me I'm dumb when I am, in fact, dumb, lifts me up, protects me, supports me, and we laugh until we cry. I show up for him, he shows up for me, we're family. It's easy, there's no power struggle, we just adore each other exactly as we are. 

There will never be another Lisa. She can't be replaced, but I am so grateful I found someone who makes me feel as loved, safe, and supported as she did. It helps life make sense. I landed in Atlanta in bad shape, and the universe put me in exactly the right place at the right time. No one could have given me the support he has, because that's who he is and what he's equipped to be. I want to believe Lisa had a hand in it, so I will. April 4th will always be the happiest of days, and yes, Iced Tea IS better with a ton of ice. You're welcome. 

Now I'm all teary eyed and so grateful for the people I love. 

My weak attempt at a thirsty Instagram post. 

My weak attempt at a thirsty Instagram post. 

Time to give you emotional whiplash from something sweet and happy to something resembling a Greek tragedy. In case you missed it, there's a new podcast this week. In this episode, I talk about my move back to Chicago, the various fuckery my ex-husband is up to, like asking my kids' Amazon Echo for my partner's phone number. You know, because it's totally acceptable to hunt down a man who hasn't done anything to you and invade his life. 

Seriously. Just imagine that for a minute. A middle aged man standing in his kitchen saying, "Alexa, what's HIS NUMBER?" 


She's not a wizard, idiot. 

So I emailed him and I was like, "Hey, stop using the Echo to stalk me, it's weird. I can see all of the activity on the thing, moron." 


He then threw it in the trash. Because that's how you solve problems. You punish your children by throwing the gift you're abusing into the trash. Destruction. That's the answer!


For more stories like that, head to the podcast. 

Anyway, I'm going to get down with the novel I'm reading, Becoming Josephine, and hopefully finish it tonight. Then it's early to bed, early to rise, and go live a healthy lifestyle or something. I hope everyone is having a good week. Talk to you all again, soon! 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen