A Day In The Life


Yesterday's post sparked some questions, so I thought it would be a good time to do an updated 'Day in the Life' post since my life has changed a lot compared to the last time I did one. Social media is funny, because it's so curated, it looks like I lay around the pool a lot. Which... yeah, I do, but that's part of my break I give myself everyday. I'm not a workaholic, I believe in taking breaks. 

So here's what my life looks like day-to-day when I'm not traveling. 

5am - Wake up

Wake up, have coffee, take care of dogs, check emails, watch the news, make my to-do list, get ready for the day ahead. Even though I've worked remotely since January, I really believe in getting fully ready for the day as if I'm commuting to an office. It just helps you stay motivated and take work seriously. 

7am - 3pm - Work

Based on my to do list, this is my work day. I block my time as one hour on day job, one hour on creative when I'm in the home office. I have a daily 8am conference call with my agency, and I plan my personal social media posts that I'm required to produce. I'm very Instagram centric, so that's where my focus lies. I post three pictures a day, and at least 7 stories. I also aim for 5 tweets a day. Curating an Instagram feed is a little tougher than it seems. Everything has to be cohesive across what I want my brand to be, right down to the way photos are edited and the filters I use. 

This timeframe also is when I go to meetings depending on my schedule, if there isn't anything on the calendar, I work from home. No tv on, just music in the background. Again, I make an effort to work in my actual office instead of lounging with my laptop on the couch or bed. Sometimes I do lounge around when I'm tired from traveling, because I'm human. 

4pm - 7pm - Break

I typically go to the gym and lay around the pool to decompress, then get a workout in, which these days consists of lifting for an hour followed by an hour of cardio 6 days a week. I believe in this break. I am aware of how lucky I am to have this, and I don't take it for granted. It just makes me a better person all around. 

8pm - 11pm - Life Stuff, Work

These are my adulting hours. Housework, dogs, etc. By 9pm I'm working again, but this time the TV is on, and I'm lounging with my laptop on the couch or in bed. I make an effort to also read during this time because writers need to read.

This is basically my schedule 7 days a week. The weekends are a little different, because I skate and teach, and I do social-type things to prevent myself from becoming a total shut-in. I do, however, work every Saturday and Sunday morning for a few hours before getting the day started. All in all, I think I clock around 50 hours a work week. 

Sorry if you were expecting fun and exciting things in this post, but I'm a normal adult human with a rather boring and mundane life just like you. I do like the fact my life waxes and wanes between weeks of hectic travel and weeks of quiet working time. It's a nice balance, because one or the other would exhaust me or make me a stir crazy lunatic. 

So that's a day in the life for me! Back to work. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen