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Ok, let's be real. I have a very lazy approach to cooking. I am totally a no-prep kind of girl, especially when I'm cooking for myself. I'm just one of those that looks in the fridge, sees what's there, and throws something together. 

So last Friday night, it was cold, and I didn't feel like doing anything for dinner, so I foraged in my kitchen for something to throw together. I had a potato, some leftover kale, and an egg. With these three things, I whipped up a pretty bomb-ass skillet for one. 

What you'll need: 

An egg or two eggs if you're starving to death. It's 70 extra calories. Fucking #Yolo.

Minced or fresh garlic

A bit of chopped onion

One medium russet potato

A handful of kale or baby spinach

Olive oil and spices (I went with a cajun spice...do whatever you want, go wild)

Chives if you're feeling fancy


Warm up about a teaspoon of oil in your skillet, chop your garlic and onion, and sautee. Not too much, because potatoes will take a bit to cook, but enough to get some aroma going. 

Add potatoes and seasoning, reduce heat to medium/high and cook them til they are about 80% done. Add more oil if you need to, but just coating them should be fine. This will take about 10-15 minutes depending on your heat and type of skillet you're using. 

Once your potatoes are about 90% done, push them over to one side of the skillet and add your kale or spinach and toss in the oil/seasonings to coat them. Turn heat to low and let them warm up and cook a bit, but you still want them a little crisp. 

While that's happening, fry your egg. Do I need to tell you how to fry an egg? Sunny side up or over easy is probably best. You want a runny yolk. 

When your egg is finished cooking, take the potatoes and kale off the fire. On your plate layer the kale first, then the potatoes, then the egg on top. 

Now eat. You just made something under 400 calories and healthy in like, 15 minutes. 

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