Running | Training Recap - Week 1

Hey there running fools, it's Monday, January is just about over, and the weekend was full of America going off the rails. It was also my first week back to training fuh real-real, so let's talk about it!

So... after my little Come to Jesus meeting with myself, I got started with my training. The goal race is to three-peat my divisional win at the Steamboat Classic in June. I'll run a couple of 5ks and 8ks up until then to tune up, but that race is the goal and then I'm going to finally place in the Scarecrow Scramble in October. That's it, those are the 2017 goals. 2 races. Unheard of for me, and yes, I'm trying not to itch over it. 

Right now, I'm going with training 5 days a week. My injuries and body really need 2 rest days a week. I started out with 5k treadmill runs after work, and I decided I hated that branch of my gym, and there's no way I'm going to stay committed to it, so I adjusted to doing three easy weekday runs after work on a safe and quiet street in my neighborhood, and then doing a hill workout and long tempo run on the weekends. 

I also wanted to get my nutrition under control, so I started tracking my food. It's not something I normally do, I typically do fuzzy math calculations in my brain to stay on track, and well... it typically doesn't work. After a few days of tracking, saw that I was really under eating and very protein deficient. I still want to lose some weight, so I'm keeping my calories at around 1435 for the next 30 days and I'll reevaluate then. Switching to shorter distances means I don't need to have a large calorie intake anymore. Hard runs now only burn 480 calories. (PS, I like the 'lose it' app to track my food) 

As far as runs go, again, had to go back to basics. I am now watching my pace and staying in a particular zone as I build my base mileage up. I got into a place where the watch and the apps were messing with my head after my injury a couple of years ago, but now I have a totally different attitude about them. Again, I might become a headcase about pace, but right now it's actually very good to give me perspective on my training. I went over runs from early 2013, which was my last total reboot, and I am stronger and faster by a lot now. It was a huge confidence boost to see that since we tend to filter things out in a vacuum the further we get away from something. 

The weekday runs were, blergh. I've already talked about it. I also had a boob injury that was pretty damn uncomfortable. 

Yes, a boob injury. 


So in the last year, I have gone into perimenopause. I'm gonna do a whole post on that this week, because it is a rollercoaster of good times, let me tell ya. With all of that, my bra size has gone from barely a 34B to a 34D. I have lost weight and they aren't getting any smaller. I hate them. Hate. Of all the things to inherit from my mother's side of the family, I got the midlife boob growth. 

Anyway, the bounce fest this has created on my runs made me sore, so now I just wear two sports bras when I run. Pain in the ASS but problem solved. Major props to you gals making those blessings work. Did I already mention I hate them? 

Saturday I did 4 miles of hills. I intentionally set out at a snail's pace, and I wound up dealing with the hills very well and ran negative splits the whole time with an elevation gain of about 138ft overall. I compared it to my hill runs back in Chicago, which I always felt kicked my ass, and they had an overall elevation gain of 0ft. I wound up being a minute faster and gaining elevation. That was a huge confidence boost. 

Sunday was a 4 mile tempo run, and I actually ran 30sec faster splits and gained 142ft. Weird. But this is Georgia and I live at the base of a mountain, so hills are just life around here. Again, the stats compared to 2013 were a huge confidence booster. 

I did have trouble meeting my calorie goals both days. Running hard takes away my appetite for most of the day. 

Overall, I would call week one a success. The battle is still going to be consistency and running SLOW without calling myself a fat loser. 

For the week ahead, I'm going to do the regular training runs during the week and walking on my lunch hours. I'm traveling this weekend, so that's going to throw things off a bit. It's going to take some creativity to get the weekend runs in, but on the bright side, running in Chicago will seem like nothing and a nice treat. 

Mileage goal: Running 25/Walking 10 = 35 overall

Also, Dry January ends, so while I don't forsee wine coming back into play that much, it's going to be lurking in the shadows. I'm also hoping at the end of this week not to be so freaked out about running in the dark. I know it's a fear that crept in my mind after my friend was murdered in 2013, but I really need to shake it for at least the next few weeks until the season starts to shift. 

Biggest Challenge: Traveling

If anything slips, it'll be because of traveling, which is only ramping up again, so I'll have to get a handle on it in order to have it not completely derail everything. Fingers crossed. 

So that's the recap and the plan. Here's to another week! 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen