Running | Training Recap Week 4

Obligatory picture of Chicago from the plane...

Obligatory picture of Chicago from the plane...

I didn't even want to write this post today. 

What a week of abject suckage. 

I'm injured again, because OF COURSE I'm injured again. 

In case you missed it, I am recovering from a lumbar strain last week, and now my bad hip went, "Chicago! We're running in Chicago? Nope!" and decided to join my back on the fail team. I'm not sure if the hip pain stems from overcompensating for my back injury, or if someone put a hex on me. I'm sure voodoo dolls of me exist in some drawers. 

So I guess let's recap...

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The Good

I'm losing weight like a mofo. I didn't see much of a difference in changing my breakfast from high carb to high protein, besides it being a pain in the butt to cook every morning and forgetting to cook breakfast sometimes because it's not part of my routine. I've decided to go back to my beloved toast because, dammit...I LOVE TOAST. 

Core work and stretching have been going well. I think doing core work everyday has been the difference in this back injury only being a minor thing. I only wish I could do some sit ups and help my hip! 

Midday miles are keeping this train on the tracks. I know it's just brisk walking, but miles are miles and nothing peels weight off like walking, and the benefits alone like lymph drainage are worth it. Even hurt, I'm still getting in 45 minutes of workouts a day and that's great. This could be a disaster on a whole different level if I didn't have those midday miles. 

The Bad

This damn hip. It's so discouraging. I know there is literally nothing I can do about it besides surgery, and I'm not ready for that yet. I might not ever be ready. I think going through a major rebuild of my ankle and foot all those years ago are why I am a nut about injuries today. I hate being laid up and rehabbing. Hate. However, I was in such agony over the weekend, it made me have those talks with myself I do not want to have. Not to mention having to ease up on training to heal when you've just started getting your mojo back is super frustrating and messes with you mentally. I have done enough mental gymnastics with myself these last 48 hours to win a gold medal at the next Olympics. 

Not many running miles happened because of the injuries. I did three yesterday with the kids and my hip almost jumped out of my body and took the bus back to Atlanta. Granted, I had been playing football with Gavin all weekend and helping Tater with back handsprings, so that could have aggravated it. 

I also did a great job with traveling and being on top of my game, even with some not so great things that happened over the weekend. I prepped Friday night before I left for the week ahead, and even though I felt like hot garbage this morning, everything was set up and ready to go. 


The Plan

Diet-wise, just keep doing what I'm doing. I'm at 1669 calories a day, and that seems to be the sweet spot for me even with reduced activity. I do think I want to lean out as much as my body is going to let me. If I'm going to be injury prone, it's just better to be lighter because it's less stress on my joints. 

As for training, I think being extra gentle this week is what needs to happen. Today is a total rest day, and I need it. I'm definitely staying with the midday walking miles throughout the week, and taking the early morning miles super slow and easy. I will evaluate day to day and keep going with the soaks, stretching, and core work in the evenings. Long run on Saturday is 50/50, because usually when my hip flares, it lasts for two weeks and long runs, especially in Georgia are out of the question. 

Scratching the race on March 4th. It's just too much mental and physical pressure to heap on myself right now. This makes the Shamrock Shuffle my first race of the season in April in Chicago, and that's a no pressure situation because we run that for funsies. I'm also reevaluating the Steamboat Classic situation, because looking at the times from last year, I would have to be faster than I ever have been to compete with the field. Again, too much mental and physical pressure to put on myself right now. I think a more realistic goal will be to finish top 10 at Steamboat and look to Scarecrow Scramble as the marquis race in the fall. There's also Christmas in July in Chicago I can have a strong 5k showing in. 

This week has left a lot of things up in the air, and I guess I just need to take things day to day and listen to my body, without becoming a complete lunatic Type-A psycho about everything. The hip is the hip and has been for the last 4 years now. Obviously I can't quit running, because every time I think I can, I can't, so it's time to start managing it better. Most of that will be managing what's going on between my ears. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen