Running | Training Recap Week 5

Lunchtime miles are the real MVPs

Lunchtime miles are the real MVPs

This might kind of blow your mind a bit, but I am actually going to open a training recap with happy thoughts instead of daydreaming about throwing myself in front of a freight train. Hooray! 

My training went well this week! I know, I know, THAT NEVER HAPPENS and considering the challenges I had going on in my life last week, it's a damn miracle. 

So let's recap: 


The Good

Consistency is winning! I kept it super easy and consistent all week and doubled down on strength training at night. My hip seems to be not as wonky and inflamed because of this. I have been tracking my food for 30 days now, and it's definitely paying off. Those clothes Ann Taylor sent me last month that required a shoe horn, an old priest and a young priest, and several rituals to get into, now fit one month later. Are they hanging off me? No. In fact, they're on the 'snug' end of fitting, but considering they cut off my circulation thirty days ago, we are using a Sharpie to mark that one in the win column. 

Diet has really been key to making this work while my body figures out what it's doing with its life. There are days I go over, but it's never a total disaster, and once I get the training where I want it to be, I think there will be another weight shed. Again, it's not because I'm not 'body positive' as I'm getting crap for, it's because being super lean helps with effort and injuries. There's no self-loathing involved or wish to be my bobble headed size 2, 23 year old self, it's because I want to be healthy and fast for some goal races, and you don't achieve goals without sacrifices. The end. Have a nice day. I feel unhealthy when the scale creeps up, bottom line. I only ever put on weight when something is very wrong in my life. That's me. Be great whatever size you are. I don't care. Ugh. 

Sorry, I got ranty there for a second...

ANYWAY! I had really strong long runs Saturday and Sunday. Even though I kept it super light this week with the workouts, I still made progress with speed and overall strength and ended each run totally free of any twinges or pain. I do have some kind of catching thing happening in my thoracic spine this morning, but I think that's just a bone spur saying hi. 

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The Bad

It was a very tough week for me mentally and emotionally. I will leave it at that. Luckily it didn't affect my training, but it did affect things like sleep and my ability to torture myself with mental gymnastics. 

My morning runs were non existent because I was resting my hip. Yes, I am beating myself up over it. Yes, I know that is not rational. Welcome to crazytown. 

Sunday's run was what I like to call a 'salvageable disaster' because I completely shat the bed when it came to pace and planning. It was frosty, and I was cold, so I basically sprinted the first three miles until I wanted to hork up my spleen, then I died. I had all kinds of problems from not being able to breathe, to having cadence and turnover issues...just totally brain dead stupid stuff. I got windburn really bad on my chin, and bit off the first layer of my lips because I decided to not wear appropriate layers. I'm amazing. But I got through it without pain or consequences so yes, salvageable. 

Active Advantage

The Plan

This week, morning treadmill runs are coming back starting tomorrow. Pierre Le Treadmille is better now, he thanks you for your thoughts and prayers, and I will run easy three milers Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Friday will be an off day because I have a late night Thursday, and since I'm not going to Chicago this weekend, trail runs will happen Saturday and Sunday for a grand total of 21 running miles for the week. Still on the low end, but we're trying to save a hip, here. 

While I felt strong enough to race this coming weekend, I think it's smart to scratch. Let's not tempt fate. 

Walking miles will be at 15 as always, which might get a little sketchy since it's supposed to rain a lot of the week. I have an umbrella and a raincoat. We shall make it work. 

No changes to diet or strength training for the time being. It's working. 

So the goal this week is to up the intensity a bit and see where we are, I have good feelers about it. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen