Running | Training Recap Week 2

On my way to Sweet Home, Chicago! 

On my way to Sweet Home, Chicago! 

Well hello, there! Happy Monday! I guess that means it's time for me to tell you about a week full of fail and suckage. 

I'm kidding, it wasn't that bad. I just feel like hot garbage and hate everything today so I'm taking it out on you because I care. 

So, week 2 was my first real-life week of training inside a busy schedule that included the usual bananas busy work week, but now included things like gasp! a social life, travel, and the return of alcohol. 

Oh and my treadmill resurrected from the dead...only to die again...only to come back to life...only to die...and I have to fix it. 

The Good

I stayed on point for the most part with my diet. There were a couple of days I went about 135 calories over my budget, and it really stressed me out, but no complete and utter disasters even when going out and traveling. The Lose It app does a really great job of holding me accountable, although I do think it might be a bit too good at getting in my head and making me obsess a bit more than I should. 

I was very consistent with my walks and running when the treadmill wasn't being lame. I hit my walking mileage goal for the week, and my runs felt great. 

I hit another weight shed of about 5lbs. That was totally unexpected and I give all of the credit to tracking my meals. 

The Bad

Consistency with my running. Part of it was my treadmill being nuts, and I really can't overcome my fear of running in the dark. I missed my pre-flight run on Saturday because I stayed out with Louis too late on Friday and I couldn't get out of bed. Louis and I did what we always do, and when we make a pact to be responsible and home by 10pm...we're out all night. 

I missed my Sunday run because I didn't want to miss an hour of time with the kids on the treadmill. Not even sorry about that one. Even though they were all about their computers and tablets for an hour and I could have totally gotten a run in, I didn't want to, and I'm not even sorry. I could have gone straight home from the airport to get a run in last night, but I went to watch the Super Bowl with my friends instead. I had 735 calories to use up, people. 

Week 3 Goals

Today is a total rest day as far as running and walking, so when I get home from work, I'm going to fix the treadmill. It seems like a fairly common problem and there are several tutorials online to solve it, so fingers crossed the first cheap one works. If it doesn't, I have to figure out how not to be afraid of the dark or schlep to the gym early in the morning. Ugh. 

I also need to up my protein intake. The great thing about the Lose It app is it shows me all of my macros and the ratio of what I'm eating all day. I really need to get the protein up and the simple carbs down. I'm going to do that by swapping out my toast and jelly in the morning for eggs and salmon. 

I'm keeping my mileage at 20/25 this week, focusing on having more consistent runs. The morning runs have to happen one way or another or they won't happen no matter how much I bargain with myself that I super duper pinky swear to do them after work. I won't. Nope. 

I'll admit, I'm kind of hyper-focusing on not getting all of the runs in last week and being a bit of a downer about it, instead of celebrating another unexpected weightloss and hitting all of my other goals for the week. I'm going to try and stop and reframe that into opportunities to make travel weeks go on autopilot since I have one next week again. I think the weather will be nicer in Chicago next week, so maybe these can be outdoor runs with the kids, or maybe I grind away and don't take a rest day until the weekend and not even worry about training on the road. I'll have to think about it. 

So I'm off to the store to buy eggs and lube up my treadmill. Tomorrow is a new day, and this is a new week! 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen