Running | Training Recap Week 7

Hello! How goes it?! I know you were wondering if I had died or something and yeah...almost. I was totally down and out with the crud yesterday. I don't get sick very much, I haven't been sick since October, so I'm counting my lucky stars that this was fast and brief. 

Anyway, welcome to my weekly recap of running neuroses. On your left you'll see endless thoughts about shoes, over here we have obsession with diet, and to your right we have mental gymnastics on whether or not this is what I should be doing. Enjoy the tour! 

Let's talk about this week...

The Good

All About Dance

It was a solid week of training. No pains, no aches...BUT that's because I'm still being super conservative and the angst is now whether or not I can up the intensity without snapping my body into kindling for the fire pit. I'm going through a lot of doubt at the moment. It is really hard to juggle a serious training routine with a full-time career, side hustle, family, friends, and travel. I'm trying to find the sweet spot and it's frustrating! 

I am officially down twenty pounds and I am the leanest I have been since 2013, I think maybe even leaner. I am going to stick with the 1669 calories macro plan until May 15th, and then go into a 2020 maintenance. I'm doing this to get as lean as possible and as strong as possible before I really have to go into a non-base building mode of mileage and start incorporating real training like speed work, hill repeats, and tempo runs. 

Actually with all of this, my diet has been the easiest thing. It's very easy for me to not get off track, and when I indulge, it's never ends up being over a 2,000 calorie day. One for the win column. 

The Bad

My headspace is whack. Juggling really gets to me, because it requires a flexibility in expectations I'm just not wired to deal with. I need more running peers with hectic schedules who travel and work outside the home. I have a couple, but they're in Chicago. I see my runfam, mostly stay at home moms like I used to be, getting to log tons of miles and I'm over here kicking rocks flogging myself mentally that I have to really work to squeeze in 20 easy running miles a week because of time and injuries. Then I start questioning if competitive running is even realistic anymore and why can't I just be happy being in shape, running occasionally and doing dance or yoga without any rigid goals and expectations? So I'm struggling hard with that right now. Part of me wants to really do this, and part of me is like, WHY just enjoy your life. 

The Plan

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This week starts up another bananas travel stretch, and I'm going to be on the road for four days. I'm going to start adding more intense strength training to my routine three days a week and concentrate on strength over miles. I'm bringing my yoga mat with me for hotel workouts, and packing a cooler with food to bring with me. I think that will put me in a better place while I sort some stuff out as far as where I want to go from here with my training. I want to run, I love running, the competitiveness feeds me, but I am also not a stay at home mom anymore who can make fitness my full-time job. 

Don't worry, I will have plenty of hours on the road to figure shit out. Or work myself up even more. 

I'm also switching back to a stability shoe for running while I'm in this base building mode. I'm one of those people who can go either way in stability shoes versus cushioned shoes, and honestly, I really respond to the Mizuno Wave Inspire for everyday runs. Going back to that, and maybe it will help give me confidence that I'm not going to blow my hip to bits on a long run. 

So that's where I'm at halfway through March. 20lbs lighter, but still a total head case about everything. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen