Running | Training Recap Week 8

Helloooo there, poppets! Sorry this post is a day late, but I got off a delayed red-eye yesterday morning, had to run home way up north, and then to the office on the other end of the city before noon, and then I was so tired I basically sat at my desk staring into the middle distance all day. Welcome to my life during 'travel week'. 

So let's recap

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The Good

Everything is quite consistent training and diet-wise. My oldest told me I was, 'too skinny' this weekend, but she might have been using flattery to score more mall purchases. I don't think I'm too skinny at all, and I'm only at this another month before I go into maintenance mode. That puts me at about 6 months of calorie restriction and reduction, and any more would probably start wrecking my metabolism. 

I'm still taking it easy running-wise and doing tons of cross training on the bike and lifting. I was pretty psyched to get out and run around the ol' hood. Boy is it EASY to run in Chicago compared to Atlanta. I ran fast and strong, impressing myself a bit. 

But then...

The Bad

My hip. My damn hip. For whatever reason, going to Chicago makes my hip flare up like you would not believe. I don't know if it's stress, environmental, or what, but I am usually in blinding pain from the minute my plane lands until it takes off again. It didn't hurt while I was running on Saturday morning, but by Saturday afternoon, I was almost crippled in pain. 

Part of me thinks there's something environmental up there that sparks inflammation. My skin also breaks out very badly when I go up, and my skin was perpetually bad when I lived there. 24 hours back in Georgia and I'm pain free and my skin is clear. SO WEIRD. Maybe it's stress? I don't know. 

So I took Sunday and Monday off from running, and today it's just going to be my usual 3 miler at lunchtime and yoga tonight. The hip is always going to be an issue and I have to respect that, I guess. I know I do need to find something low impact to love. I hate cycling, so that's out, and while I toy around with the idea of skating, my hip is probably bad because of skating. I do think the writing is on the wall a bit, guys. I'm trying not to let it devastate me and get all dramatic about it. For this year I can still have race goals and train in ways that accommodate this chronic injury. Now that I know traveling to Chicago has strange juju where the hip is concerned, I can plan ahead. USA, LLC

The Plan

Keep babying my hip and continue to increase my strength. I have a nice base level of fitness now, so I'm not worried about losing speed and endurance. I don't have a goal race on the horizon to stress about yet, so this is just a rehab period where I experiment with stuff until I figure out what is going to work for me. The hip is toast, can't be fixed without surgery, so I work with what I have. It's a frustrating ego blow, but I've been through much worse. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen