Running | Training Recap Week 6

It's gotta be the shoes...

It's gotta be the shoes...


What it IS, out there, run fam?! 

Funny enough, I'm actually squeezing in this post before I'm about to hit the pavement and grab some more miles. This last week was the best training week I've had in quite a while, so I want to capture some of that momentum today and move the rest days around a bit. 

I'm feeling so good, I even got the dogs on their own mileage plan to get in shape. They're starting to become some chunky heifers as they slow down a bit, so I decided it was time to get them out into the world a bit, too. I had to remind the huskies that the Iditarod was happening right now, and they needed to run with their people in solidarity. Kaya stared at me with her best, "But I'm barely even a husky" face, and Kina wanted to know if treats were involved, like the good treats, not that poverty Milkbone crap. Ember was just like, "How did I get myself into this family of blue eyed monsters?" 

So let's recap the week. 

The Good

Consistent, feeling good, not much to say! It's a good thing! I focused on nice and easy paces and consistent core/strength training. I stuck with my decision to not race Saturday, and I think that was the best idea. I didn't do any outdoor training this week running-wise because I wanted to baby myself with the treadmill. It seemed smart to take advantage of a set pace and shock absorption. 

Diet was fine as well. I am in the throes of the week of psychotic eating rage monster, but it's not too bad. I'm not suffering. Like I said last week, heading into next week, I'm expecting another weight drop, which will make me happy because I'm in this awful no-mans land of small tops being tight, and medium tops looking like hefty bags because they're too big. It's the new boobs. Ugh. Of course, EVERYONE loses their boobs when they lose weight except for me. The girls stuck around, but my weightloss has decided to make itself known through attractive things like saggy armpit skin spilling out of my sports bras. Nice. 

The Bad

I have something going on with my left foot. If you'll recall this left foot was reassembled with half a Craftsman toolbox in 1996, then my brilliant self broke what's left of it last summer. I don't usually have issues, but I have some kind of plantar irritation happening in the mornings when I wake up. I hobble around like I have a wooden peg leg until everything relaxes. 

I have a few theories on this: 

I wear heels to work everyday. 

I drive a manual transmission and push a clutch in with a high heel on for 2 hours a day. 

My body is 38 years old with 32 years of abuse heaped onto it. So pain is life. 

I honestly don't think it's anything serious. Just twingey stuff. But I'm being smart and giving myself permission to rest if it becomes a thing, and Louis keeps recommending supplements because he's very worried about my joints. Bless him. I just figure I'll start the titanium replacement plan in about 10 years. 

The Plan

Keep on keepin' on. Exercising the dogs every night is going to up my activity level a bit. I have to make two trips because I can't handle all three of them. That's about 300lbs of ADD on a leash. We girls are all about the same age now, I have to keep them healthy so I can have them pull my wheelchair around. 

Go make some miles happen! 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen