Fitness | Training Recap Week 10

It's Monday! That means we get to talk about that thing we call fitness. The above pic is from when Louis and I went to Farm Burger for cheat day on Saturday afternoon. We were so cute, they gave us a giftcard for our next visit. WINNING. 

So let's talk about stuff...

ASICS America

The Good

I'm amazing. The end, have a nice day! I think I've found a routine that doesn't involve running and that works for me. Right now that's getting back in the gym, which works out with the new Atlanta travel nightmare because I have to chill by my office until traffic dies down every night, so I might as well go to the gym. What I'm doing there is 45-60 minutes of cardio on the arc trainer or bike, followed by weights. I do this M-W-F-S-S. If the weather is bad at lunch and I can't get my 3 mile walk in, I do an hour of cardio. So far, I really like this routine. 

Diet went sorta-okay this week. I was really good about getting all of those fruit and veggies in and cutting out the convenience crap I like to eat. I must have been eating YUGE amounts of sodium, because the second I made the switch, tons of water left my body. I'll take it. 

The Bad

Wine happened way more than it should have this week. With spring getting into full bloom around here, I discovered a love of white wine spritzers, and that's gonna have to calm down a bit. I mean, sure, I had the macros to spare, but let's just not make it a thing. 

ASICS America

The Plan

New gym schedule, less white wine spritzers. A simple plan, but one that will work. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen