5 Ways To Send Out The Old Year And Welcome In The New

Until this year, I never gave much thought about transitioning from one year into the next. But for whatever reason, I felt like 2016 was a year that needed to have a special amount of closure and the clean slate of 2017 welcomed with a ton of fanfare. So i did some research and made this list of five things you can do to get the old energy out of your environment and bring in the new. 

Clean House. Leave nothing from the last year behind. 

I had never heard of this until I saw my friend Karrie hurredly taking down her Christmas decorations the day after Christmas. It seemed so harsh to me! I usually leave my Christmas stuff up through Epiphany, but she explained to me that bringing old things from the previous year into the new was pretty unlucky. You have to clean house, get all of the garbage from last year out, no dirty laundry left behind, dishes in the sink, January 1st needs to be brought into your home totally fresh. I kind of like this. I deep cleaned my house all day today, and even if it doesn't mean anything juju-wise, it at least makes me feel organized and calm going into 2017. 

Set the sads ablaze

If you follow me on social media, you know I am a HUGE fan of the Viking funeral. It may sound weird, but I find something so soothing and symbolic in burning things that upset me. I mean, not like arson or anything, but like writing a letter to someone who has hurt you, or making a list of the things you want to release, and then burning it. Some pagan beliefs say you should do something with the ashes, especially if you put an intention behind what you have burned, but for me, there is enough freedom in watching whatever burdened your heart get carried off with the wind. I also burn my 2016 calendars. I swear to you I am not a pyro, just superstitious. 

Burn sage and blue candles

Since we're burning things, go ahead and burn some sage through your home and light a blue candle or two. Blue candles are said to invite good energy and sage is believed to cleanse the energy in a space and chase bad vibes away. 

Do some old world stuff

If you look up New Year's traditions in different cultures, some of them are wacky, but some of them seem kinda fun! This year, I'm going to take a handful of change and throw it through my front doorway at midnight and leave it there on the floor for all of New Year's Day. On January 2nd, you're supposed to give it away. This will invite prosperity into your life for the entire year. You can also eat 12 grapes at the strike of midnight and make a wish on each one. I'd do that, too, but my luck I would forget one of my wishes and choke or something. 

Set your intention for the New Year

I don't believe in generic resolutions you blather in a Facebook status. Every end of December, I get a brand new, beautiful journal and come up with five intensely specific things I want to accomplish in the year ahead. I draw it on the inside cover like it's my 8th grade History notebook, and when I jot down my thoughts daily, I can't escape my intentions for the year. And I mean be SPECIFIC and super personal. This is your sacred space, not Facebook, so no judgments. Ask yourself the who, what, when, why, and how of each resolution or goal. You're going to be much more successful if you get detailed. Some things might be scary to write down or even admit to yourself, but now is the time to do it! 

So those are some easy things you can do starting New Year's Eve and into the New Year. Have fun with it and Happy New Year to you all! 


Jennifer Gulbrandsen