Go Get Money! 3 Ways to Make Money Today Without Leaving Your House!

I heard on the news this morning that the #1 New Years Resolution for 2017 was to save more money. 

Now raise your hand if 2016 left you in the red or barely out of the ramen noodle life. 

**Raises Hand**

Let's be honest...we've all had moments where we have had to drum up cash quickly. Short of heading to the pawn shop and getting nothing for something you value and selling plasma for maybe $10-$50, what are you gonna do? Well, let me give you some ideas I have used myself in the last couple of months. You'd be surprised how much you can rake in online just by cleaning out your closets or doing a little bit of work here and there for just a few hours a day. 

C.O. Bigelow

Clean out your closets

Ok, this is the biggest one. We all have stuff in our house just collecting dust. Anything from sporting goods, appliances, clothes, furniture, you can put out there in minutes and have cash in hand by the end of the day. My favorites to use are private sale groups on Facebook for anything outside of clothes and Poshmark for clothing, shoes, and accessories. Because I'm a single woman who lives alone, I just feel more secure in using these avenues. Craigslist is too sketch to give out my address and Ebay is a pain with shipping. If you're cool with using those avenues, go for it, I'm just sharing my personal preference. 

It's really super simple. Join the groups in your area on Facebook, take a pic and list it, you also have the option of being listed in the Marketplace with a bit of a bigger reach. Download the Poshmark app on your phone, take a pic of what you want to sell, list it...when someone buys it, all you do is print out the prepaid shipping label, package, and ship! 

So far, I have had excellent experiences with both sites. Guys, I even sold a dishwasher that was just sitting in my back room! I've even seen old magazines go for $3 a piece. Not even collector's items. Just like a May 2013 issue of Field and Stream

Browse the ETC and Writing Jobs on Craigslist

Ok, here's where we will deal with Craigslist. If you look in the ETC and Writing sections under the jobs section, there are legit and awesome little gigs you can do at home an hour a day. Sometimes it's a busy exec who needs someone to answer emails or write a blog post, small local news outlets always need brief articles written on everyday topics... you never know what someone is going to need that you just happen to be an expert in. As always, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and a good rule of thumb is to ask for 50% pay upfront and the rest when the job is completed so you don't get ripped off. 

Monetize your side hustle

This website makes money. Yep. Every clicky-poo brings nickels, and I have affiliate ads I make a commission off of if you click through them to buy. It's not a gaziliion dollars, but it's something I can do in sweats and ratty hair because I love doing it. What do you love to do that you are doing for free right now? Whatever that is, post it on those garage sale groups you just joined on Facebook! In one of my groups, there was a lady who was a recent empty nester and loved cooking for her large family, but with everyone grown up and out of the house, she had no one to cook for anymore. So she put out an ad for Meatloaf Mondays and Spaghetti Wednesdays. $20 for a hot meal for 4 you picked up at her house on the way home from work. Genius! She probably makes $500 a week doing what she loves and already did for a couple of decades.

Think like that. Do you love to write? Pitch magazines! Hell, even if you only sell one article a month, you're bringing in $250-$1,000 more than you had yesterday. If you're into crafting, reach out to your local stores to see if you can teach a bow making class. My point is, there is so much you can do with hobbies and things you don't see as work that can make you some quick cash.  

Crocs, Inc.

Sometimes simple is the way to go! Don't overthink making money. Work with what you have on hand; your stuff, your talent, your hobbies...it's all a great way to make the extra cash you need to start the new year off ahead of the game. Now go get money!