Work Life | Don't Just Stand There

Earlier this week, I opened up to you guys about some things I was struggling with in my personal life that are continuations and growing pains on this topsy turvy roller coaster we call life. First of all, you all continue to amaze me with your support. I have a full reading list of wonderful books recommended, I met with an Atlanta based therapist today, and I have had great feedback with my Talkspace therapist. 

Meanwhile, in the real world, my career is happening. Going into this year, I made it an intense focus, and I have to say, it is one thing that has been humming along at break-neck pace. I am making huge strides in the digital media space in this market, revolutionizing industries in this city that didn't think digital media applied to them. It's kind of cool to be a braggy pants and see my work on the billboard on my off ramp and all over the airport when I travel. 

I'm also dialing in this blog and it's really humbling me. The game has changed a lot, and I have changed a lot. Getting those two in sync with each other is a balancing act, and when people get all sanctimonious and screech, 'Blogging is not a real job!' I want to throat punch them. It's definitely a charmed job, but a job nonetheless, especially when you're rebranding and trying to hit a rhythm while your real life is happening at the same time. I know I'm a unicorn since not many full-time monetized blogs are run by people with separate full-time careers. 

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It's a yin and yang I'm experiencing professionally for the first time, and I have to say the biggest lesson I have learned that I can share with you is don't just stand there

Case in point, I recognized the cycle my life was in last week, and as paralyzing as it was, I knew I couldn't shut down work-wise. While the content around here was sparse, and I didn't do anything groundbreaking at the office, I focused in what I did best. TV recaps and copy. I can do those in my sleep, and do them I did. 

Sure, I have an actual mountain of work and goals staring at me. I get overwhelmed sitting here thinking about it. When I think about how far behind I am on certain creative projects, sponsored posts here on the blog, and Q3 outlines at work, there I am sighing and staring into space again. 

You probably do it too. Remember when you were a kid and your room was a mess, and when you'd stand there staring at it, you were like, "How will I do it all? This is going to take forever!" Then you started with putting your laundry in the hamper because that was the easiest, which turned into straightening out your desk, then taking the dishes to the sink, then making your bed, organizing your dresser, moving on to the closet... before you knew it you were done! 

In your career, you're not so far removed from that. Ruts happen, things stall, ideas fail, you wanted to have xyz accomplished right now, your boyfriend dumped you, your wife is being an asshole, you're two months behind on bills... life is shit sometimes and it gets overwhelming. 

Don't just stand there. 

It's trite and it's cliche, but action does, in fact, create momentum. By writing those TV recaps when I felt like roadkill on a stick last week, it reignited the love I have for writing satirical recaps. I saw in a forum that there is a need and a want for recap-based podcasts, so I recorded one and it was fun! I had a shitty meeting at the office yesterday with a complete and total asshole, but that is going to become the jewel in my portfolio because I wrote bomb ass copy all last week. 

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I haven't written a post in this section for a very long time, and here we are simply by the act of putting one foot in front of another until the momentum shifted. 

And eventually that momentum will ebb, and another adjustment will have to be made. Welcome to life, dear friends. 

The bottom line is when the ebbs come, do what you do well. We all have something we can do in our sleep. Yeah, it might not be jazzy or OMGSOFULFILLING, but it's movement. Movement stops the ebb and turns it to flow. (Holy Moses, I'm full of cliches today. Sorry.) 

Dory knew her stuff. Just keep swimming. 

Don't just stand there. 

Jennifer Gulbrandsen