'Your Moment of Jenn' Episode 121 | A Guys Girl


Text 90999 to make a $10 donation to The Red Cross to aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

This week Jenn opens the show with thoughts and well wishes going out to all of Houston after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Jenn asks that everyone do whatever they possibly can to aid in recovery. 

The first segment focuses on Jenn's 'learn to love it' mantra and how it came to be. 

Jen then goes into the MTV VMAs and her outrage over not having MTV even though she spends the GDP of some small countries on cable and streaming services. She will try to go on with the show even though she is devastated she can't see Taylor Swift's new video live. 

Finally, Jenn talks about some alarming things she's seeing about couples having friends of the opposite sex and she has some strong thoughts on this topic. 

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Jennifer Gulbrandsen